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04 July 2014242 Notes
free!   matsuoka rin   nanase haruka   rinharu   mygifs   the difference between these two races is amazing   their attitudes their faces the whole tone of the match   like now that rin knows that haru isn't someone he has to just pass and move on from his whole attitude is different?   their banter before the match isn't rin puffing himself up and saying how much better he is anymore   it's friendly banter. rin joking around and the fact that he can say 'do you want a handicap?' now is so important   that he can joke around about their match instead of getting angry bc he thinks haru is out of shape/not up to par   they go from silence to rin constantly prodding haru but its all good natured now   'i'll take that cool expression of yours and make it hot' 'dont think you're still the fastst in the water'   they're challenges. rin challenging haru to get worked up and push himself   and neither of them are desperate anymore?? they have looks of determination now   they're determined to win bc they don't want to lose to the other   rin doesn't have the stress lines anymore and they're both looking foward with determination set in their eyes and faces   bc rin isn't desperate to beat haru and move on and haru isn't desperate to finally be free   and just the whole aftermath??   from 'i'll never swim with you again' to 'see? you're all fired up now'   rin puts his hand up for a high five and even though haru's hand is tentative rin just goes for it   and haru's eyes don't go dark this time they actually shine   they've come so far. their relationship and rivalry has come so far from what it once was   and they can finally truly enjoy racing against each other bc rin has grown and haru has grown   i'm crying at how long this is someone stop me  
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